3 thoughts on “BNCCorp

  1. Moorthy


    I was new to this investment and trading. I liked your articles, which is very informative. How we buy this .pk stocks. Is just like normal trading or I have wait? I might asked a silly question. I am very new to this and learning about the markets.

    Thank You,

    1. Moorthy,

      Stocks with a .pk are traded “over the counter”, as opposed to being traded on a major exchange, like the New York Stock Exchange. You can buy and sell them just like any other stock.
      Over-the-counter stocks are usually very small and have less liquidity in shares, which means it may take a while to get orders filled. For instance, my order for shares of BNCC.PK had to be filled in multiple batches, and took several hours.
      It is really important to use limit orders, and not market orders, on these stocks, to ensure that you get the stocks at the price you want.


      1. Moorthy

        Thanks for your quick response and very good answer. So I just go to the trading site I use zecco.com, I just place order with the price limit like setting the price I would like to buy right.


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