I’m currently in the last year of medical school in Houston, Tx, and I invest in stocks, commodities, and currencies.

I generally use a Graham-Dodd approach to valuation of stocks, however, I do make deviations for speculative stocks when I find favorable risk/reward.

In addition, I speculate in currencies and commodities based on macro-economic analysis.

Before medical school, I was an analyst for the oil & gas industry, and I traded currencies for a French proprietary FOREX shop. I have worked on algorithms for systematic trading based on behavioral finance theories, related to applying concepts from information theory to financial markets.

Relevant Readings:

Alchemy of Finance
You Can Be a Stock Market Genius
Buffett’s Letters to Investors
Security Analysis
Market Wizards series
Margin of Safety
Michael Burry’s Case Studies
Art of Short-Selling
One Up on Wall Street
Global Macro Trading
Forecasting Exchange Rates
Quality of Earnings


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